The Richmond Reason and Naturalism Association (RRNA) fosters in-person community for people in the Richmond, Virginia area who do not believe in the supernatural.  We are a diverse group of individuals who share a naturalistic view of the world.  Our group meets at least three times a month (see our Events page for details).  We welcome newcomers; if you have or are considering a naturalistic perspective, we’d love to meet you.


Naturalism is the perspective that nothing supernatural exists.  Most naturalists rely on science as the best guide to what exists and believe that everything is physical.  Many atheists, humanists, skeptics, freethinkers, and Buddhists are thoroughly naturalistic in their perspective.

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Often people who are atheist, agnostic, humanist, or freethinking find that their families, friends, and neighbors don’t share their views.  RRNA allows those of us who are non-believers and skeptics to connect with each other.  This provides us with:

  • a sense of community
  • a “safe” place to voice our views
  • validation of our beliefs
  • an opportunity for discussion and learning
  • a chance to meet like-minded people

If you have any questions or would like more information about RRNA, please contact us.  We hope to see you soon!

(Unless indicated otherwise, all RRNA events are intended for people who have or are considering a naturalistic perspective.  Newcomers are welcome.)

Featured Event

Topical Evening:  Reason and Universal Darwinism


Tuesday, January 30th @ 6:00 p.m.
Libbie Mill Library
2100 Libbie Lake East Street
Henrico, Virginia

We will be in the large meeting room to the left as you pass the front desk.




6:00 – Social time
6:30 – Presentation followed by discussion
8:00 – More social time

What is Reason? And Is It, Along with Science, a Special Case of a Universal Darwinism?

Presenter: Russell A. Barkley, Ph.D

In this RRNA Discussion Meeting, Russ will present briefly on the nature of biological evolution by natural selection. He will describe how it represents an algorithm, or set of steps, involving a process of natural selection of genetic information by its environmental consequences. He will then show how biological evolution can be viewed as simply a specific instance of a more general process by which all forms of information or knowledge about the environment can accumulate. This general process is Universal Darwinism. He will then briefly discuss the nature of Reason (and so Science) and show how it might be considered to be another specific case of Universal Darwinism. RRNA attendees will then have a chance to discuss the nature of Reason and whether and to what extent Reason can be considered to represent one among several specific instances of Universal Darwinism. Given that the RRNA was founded to promote Reason, this discussion promises to help clarify the philosophical basis of the association.

About the Presenter
Russ is a Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at VCU Medical Center where he donates teaching time to training psychology interns and psychiatry residents. He has held positions at three previous medical schools in his 40-year career as a clinical psychologist and scientist. Russ has authored numerous books, scientific articles and book chapters and presented more than 800 invited professional addresses. More pertinent to the topic under discussion, Russ has been an avid reader for many years into the philosophy of science, the nature of Reason, evolutionary biology and psychology, religion and atheism, and libertarianism.

Events Workshop


Wednesday, January 17th @ 6:00 p.m.
Henrico County Public Library
10501 Staples Mill Road
Glen Allen, Virginia

We will be in the large meeting room.


6:00 – Arrivals and socializing
6:30 – Events workshop

Whether you are a formal RRNA Member or just someone who has an interest in the group, this will be your opportunity to have input into future RRNA programming. We especially would like to hear from people who are willing to put some effort into making RRNA events happen.

We will spend part of the evening reviewing the results of a recent RRNA online poll on RRNAers’ areas of interests. If you voted in this poll and indicated you would be able to invest some time in events in one or more category, please come and let us know what you would like to do.